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Wednesday, February 24 — Noon ET

Join Katie Yeakle and her special guests LIVE as they reveal everything you need to know about Circle of Success — including the latest details on our Circle-only mentoring program and customized learning paths.

The event begins in:

  • Overview
  • Inside Look
  • Incredible Inspiration
  • More Successful, Faster …

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Wednesday, February 24 at Noon, Eastern Time

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An “Inside Peek” into Wednesday’s “Live” Circle of Success Open House…

And the Two Things You Should Do NOW to Get the Most Out of This Event

I’m so glad you’re coming to our Virtual Open House Encore event this Wednesday with our LIVE Q&A + Coaching session!

We’ll be doing for you what we did for hundreds of AWAI members just a few weeks ago…

Helping you get “unstuck” and moving faster, so you can be living your writer’s life in 2021 much sooner than later.

Because, as we’ve learned from 24 years of training successful copywriters, it’s not the “writing” that stops people…

We make that part easy, by offering you all the programs, live training, and coaching you need to be great.


Where most people fall is not knowing the next best step to take as they’re learning— only to become frustrated and wind up quitting their dream.

If this has happened to you — it’s NOT your fault

With all the choices and possible paths for writers today (a good thing!) it’s easy to become paralyzed with uncertainty and indecision…

Something we help writers through all the time here at AWAI…

And on February 24 — it’ll be your turn.

We’re going to share with you everything we know about the best possible courses of action writers must take to be successful.

Then you’re going to hear from three of our most recently successful writers — and learn how they kept their forward momentum moving.

And then the floor will be YOURS…

You’ll have a chance to ask questions specific to where YOU are today and where you want to go with your writing career.

I’ll be there, and so will AWAI President Rebecca Matter, Copy Chief Sandy Franks, Director of Training Pam Foster, and others…

We’ll answer every last one of your questions…

So, at the end of our time together, you’ll know exactly what to do next and how to keep it moving from there.

Of course, since it’s a Circle of Success open house — we also want to make sure you know everything you need to know about our highest level of personalized learning…

How all the personalized aspects of Circle of Success intermingle to give you a learning experience like no other…

Like our initial one-on-one phone call with you, where we’ll get a sense of what your goals and income objectives are as a writer… give you options for the best writing specialties, industries, and niches to choose from… and put you on a customized learning path that will get you there the fastest.

Plus, important details on how our mentoring program works… and how all Circle members have an opportunity to work with “A-level” writers on projects that are their most important.

This is the program where you’re never alone… where you always know the next best step to take in your journey and growth as a writer.


Because it’s such a big and life-changing decision, we want you to have all the facts before you decide.

We’ll show you all the main benefits of Circle of Success and how to put them to work for you.

  • We’ll talk about the direct-response industry and the vastness of the opportunity that awaits you.
  • We’ll explain how the initial Career Action Plan (CAP) call works, where we get on the phone with you… talk about your interests, your background, your goals as a writer, the kind of money you’d like to make, and your passions, and recommend a niche in which you can begin your focus.
  • We’ll talk about how we put together a learning path tailored just for you, so you can gain the skills you’ll need to be successful in your chosen niche as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll show you how the Circle of Success–exclusive mentoring program works — and how you’ll have someone you can turn to whenever you’re stuck… need encouragement… or are ready to move to the next stage of learning.
  • We’ll show you how to master all the “collateral writing projects” any client will ask you to write — projects that can improve your letter’s response and boost your income dramatically.
  • Will Newman, COS’s master instructor and copywriter, will join us to talk about our Circle of Success–exclusive online Targeted Learning Classes, where you master the core elements of every sales message: headline, lead, body copy, evidence and proof, offer, and call to action.
  • We’ll tell you more about our Simulated Training, where you get to become a “de facto” writer for AWAI and work on real projects under the direction of Sandy Franks, our copy chief.
  • We’ll explain the process for connecting to and writing alongside “A-level” writers and copy chiefs like Sandy, Paul Hollingshead, and others. A great benefit of Circle of Success is that these pros are available to you when you need to collaborate on an important project for any client.
  • We’ll show you how to reserve your free spot at our FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair — and some of the many special perks you’ll get when you’re there.
  • We’ll talk about how we can help you with the business-building side — like getting a self-marketing plan together… creating a portfolio of polished work you can show clients… setting up your personal website… and even helping you make that all-important “first connection” with a dream client.

That is just some of what we’ll cover.

So again — I’m thrilled you signed up.

To that point, be sure to mark your calendar and set an alert so you don’t miss the Virtual Open House or inadvertently schedule something else.

That’s the first thing you should do.

Second thing — take a moment to imagine your ideal writer’s life

And if you’re not 100 percent certain you’re on the quickest path to that goal — or you’re stuck or confused about what to do next…

Write down your question now so you can submit it during the event or on the form below.

Last time we did this, thousands of AWAI members joined us, and we answered well over 400 questions!

For instance, here’a one question we got a lot:

I want to be a writer, but I need to start making money right away. What’s the one writing skill I should learn first so I can start making money now — and have money coming in while I learn more skills down the road?

Another had to do with clients:

I’m excited to write for the XYZindustry… What’s the surest and fastest method for finding my first writing clients — and how do I handle the “no experience” objection?

I’m sure these questions will come up…

We’ll answer them — and I promise we’ll answer yours on February 24 as well!

See you then!

Meet the Woman Who Inspired Circle of Success — And Learn How She Can Help You Achieve Your Dream of The Writer’s Life

Plus: This One Crucial Step Will Help You Get the Most out of Wednesday’s Open House. See Below!

We’re moving closer to our big event.

Our Encore Open House starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon EST — with LIVE Q&A + free Group Coaching to follow!

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Last time we did this, thousands joined us… and we answered more than 400 questions about everything under the sun — the hottest niches, the best ways to land clients, the quickest way to start earning money, the best skills to learn first, the hottest projects, and more.

And this time we’ll have all of AWAI’s “big guns” there, prepared to answer a thousand questions if need be!

In my last message, I gave you a quick recap of just some of what’ll happen when you join us tomorrow…

I also told you to start thinking about any questions you want to ask us… and to write them down so you’ll have them ready for our live event.

Or — send them in now by going to the event page and scrolling down to the Questions section.

Our list of “advance” questions is growing, and we’ll be answering every last one of them tomorrow!

Because remember our mission…

It’s to get your writing career moving by making sure you know the next best step to take when it comes to achieving your goals as a writer…

And to talk about the “big moving pieces” of this very special partnership we created for our most serious writers… called Circle of Success.

So, tomorrow’s a big day — for you and your writing career.

Meanwhile, I’d like to tell you a quick story I think you’ll appreciate…

A piece of AWAI history so important that had it not happened, we wouldn’t have nearly the number of success stories we have today…

And we certainly wouldn’t be as primed as we are to help you succeed as a writer in the weeks ahead.

The story begins, in fact, with a woman you’ll meet at tomorrow’s Virtual Open House.

And we can trace it all back to one person — a woman you’ll meet, in fact, during tomorrow’s Virtual Open House.

Pam Foster

Her name is Pam Foster.

Pam joined AWAI way back in 2005. Before there was any Circle of Success.

Like so many AWAI members who dream of writing, she was working in a job that didn’t exactly thrill her… in a cubicle… for a corporation… from 9 to 5… with little chance of advancement… with two weeks of vacation a year… doing work that was, as she put it, less than inspiring.

Then she got a letter from AWAI in the mail.

She’d always been a “writer” — but she had no idea you could make so much money with direct-response writing… in any niche that interested you.

She was intrigued, but also skeptical.

Still, she joined AWAI anyway…

In fact, she even got her boss to pay for the program she bought, convincing him it would help her in her job!

Well… it did that — and much more.

Within a year, she was able to leave her corporate job and make enough money as a freelancer to replace her income. In fact, her former boss — the one who paid for her program — was her first client!

But she wanted more.

“My original box of AWAI treasures!” Left: The various resources Pam used to change her life starting in 2005. Right: The “heavily studied” FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp workbook from 2005, the year she started “Delray Motivators”

So, she started coming to our annual AWAI Bootcamps, where she met up with five other new writers — “first-timers like me,” she called them.

They became fast friends — and spent time at Bootcamp talking about what they wanted to accomplish.

Then they made something like a secret pact:

That they’d all come back to the next Bootcamp with at least one new client.

But Pam didn’t leave it at that…

To make it happen, she organized a weekly call with the entire group.

They all vowed to support and encourage one another… to look at one another’s writing… to help improve it… to share everything they’d learned about copywriting from the various programs each of them had purchased. They even vowed to support one another when it came to landing the clients they wanted to write for. 

Pam dubbed the group the Delray Motivators (for Delray Beach, where AWAI’s Bootcamp is held every year).

And guess what…

Every single member of the Delray Motivators group, except for one, returned to Bootcamp the following year with at least one paying client!

Some had several…

And it wasn’t long before Pam and other members of her group were earning six figures as copywriters.

At the next Bootcamp, Pam shared her story with my colleague AWAI President Rebecca Matter and me.

We knew immediately that Pam was on to something… that she’d identified a tremendous need.

She and her group were living proof that not everyone thrives on learning alone, in a vacuum.

That people learn better and faster with support and encouragement from fellow writers and experts… and with a full complement of resources at their fingertips.

We also knew that AWAI had the resources… the people… and the industry access to provide ongoing support on a scale far greater than Pam and her group ever could.

So, with Pam as our inspiration, we put together the inaugural version of Circle of Success.

We offered access to ALL of our learning resources.

We facilitated small “learning groups” where everyone could support each other.

We gave them access to us — and the chance to have “A-level” copywriters review their writing and offer feedback.

We created “live” classroom-style learning programs, where members could hone their writing skills.

We extended Circle of Success members an open invitation to Bootcamp, where we held special meetings and events that addressed the faster learning path Circle members were on.

But as digital marketing grew — so did the opportunities for writers.

No longer was copywriting about writing sales letters for mostly direct-mail companies…

Almost overnight, skilled writers were needed in ALL industries… by millions of businesses… to write many forms of copy across multiple platforms — content, emails, sales pages, websites, social media posts, blogs, videos, and more.

And with so many industries… so many options… so many paths to success.

That’s when people started getting “stuck”…

And we needed to “reinvent” Circle of Success to offer the kind of personalized guidance and career coaching new writers need in this digital era.

To meet this need, we’ve added personal mentoring, hands-on training programs, more one-on-one contact, collaborative writing opportunities, step-by-step roadmaps, copy reviews, continuing education via monthly online webinars…

We’ve made all of us here at AWAI accessible.

So, when you need help understanding a specific skill… starting a new writing project… or finding or working with a new client… or when you simply need advice on what to do next… you have a real person you can reach out to.

You’ll learn about many of these COS benefits tomorrow…

We get emails and letters all the time from happy Circle members letting us know the impact this professional relationship has had on their careers. Like this note from Sharlet Brennan:

Keith Trimels says his fortunes soared shortly after joining Circle of Success:

But what Circle members tell us they appreciated most is the “hand holding” and “guidance” they get when it comes to what to do next.

Like Steve Maurer, who told us this:

Or Margot Howard, who said this:

On the webinar you’ll learn all the ways Circle of Success gives you access to writers, marketers, and industry experts anytime you need them.

And Pam? Her story has come full circle.

Today, in addition to her successful career as a copywriter, Pam serves as our Director of Training AND as one of the mentors for Circle of Success members.

Again, you’ll meet Pam on tomorrow. And if you decide to become a Circle of Success member, she’ll be playing a major role in your success too!

So once again, welcome!

And remember… we’ll be starting tomorrow at noon (Eastern Standard Time).

Be on the lookout for an email from “COS OPEN HOUSE” about an hour before the start time containing a link that’ll take you directly to the event.

See you then!

How Just the First Three Benefits You’ll Experience as a Circle of Success Member Can Make You Successful, 100 Times Faster

Yesterday I told you how Circle of Success was inspired by AWAI member Pam Foster and her “Delray Motivators”.

That little support group of AWAI members helped Pam and her Bootcamp friends keep learning and writing every day…

As a result, they not only wrote better sales copy faster… they were able to land new clients and start making money as writers quicker than they ever imagined.

Proof that motivation is a major key to success.

Fast forward more than a decade later and you now have Circle of Success

Only instead of just other AWAI members championing your success, you have the entire industry behind you:

  • A-level copywriters…
  • Top marketers…
  • Professional mentors…
  • Experienced coaches…
  • Veteran copy chiefs…
  • Teachers…

And, of course, ALL of us here at AWAI – me, Rebecca Matter, Paul Hollingshead, Mark Ford, Sandy Franks – all our industry contacts, partners and high-level influencers.

Ask any current Circle of Success member and they’ll tell you – stepping up to this level is like operating in an entirely different league.

There’s a flurry of activity around you.

You have support and guidance at every turn.

You’re constantly writing, getting feedback.

You can feel your abilities and confidence growing day by day.

At tomorrow’s Virtual Open House event, my guests and I are going to unravel how all these high-level pros work together to keep pushing you forward toward your goals.

I think you’ll be very excited… and very impressed.

Today, though, I want to give you some insight into three of the most popular of Circle of Success member benefits…

Benefits you’ll experience immediately – and can make your journey to success 100 times faster, easier and – just as important – more fun.

But first – a little bit about why copywriters today can really benefit from these high-level benefits…

The Game Has Changed…

Used to be, if you wanted to become a copywriter, you only had a few choices.

That’s because only a handful of industries were suited to direct mail – and by “direct mail”, we mean: writing a sales letter, putting it in an envelope with an order form and a buck slip or brochure, and mailing it.

Then came the Internet and everything changed.

Now, instead of just financial newsletters, health products, business-to-business and a few consumer products being suited to direct response…

Virtually every business in every niche can benefit from persuasive writing: travel and leisure, food and drink, parenting, crafts, personal fitness, pets, gardening, interior design, personal finance, photography, cars, boating, hobby sectors, gold and gold coin collecting, art, golf – the list goes on and on.

Not only are there thousands of companies in all these niches – there are now dozens of ways to promote them – through websites, online ads, content articles, blogs, email campaigns, e-zines, e-letters, HTML letters, VSLs, video presentations…

The opportunities are endless.

Same is even more true of the vast Business-to-Business niche…

Here you’re looking at a multi-trillion dollar industry – made up of hundreds of thousands of businesses selling goods and services to virtually every business on earth …

All in desperate need of case studies, white paper reports, online videos, lead generators, newsletters, high-level content and much, much more.

And while all this NEW opportunity is great news and very exciting for new copywriters breaking in…

It can also be head-spinning, if not downright intimidating.

Which should you choose – Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or Business-to-Business (B2B)?

Which niche should you focus on within that group?

What companies should you write for?

What kind of copy do they need?

And most importantly – which skills do you need to learn… in what order… and how do you learn them?

As a Circle of Success member, you don’t have to sweat it.

That’s because you’ll know exactly what to do… at every step of the process.

It Starts With a Personal Call

It starts immediately with something we’ve named “The CAP Call”.

“CAP” stands for “Career Action Plan” – and it’s the very first step in your Circle of Success journey.

The reason for this call is very simple: To determine the very best niche for you based on your personal interests, the work experience you’ve gained so far, what you perceive to be your strongest assets, and, of course, your income goals.

Over the course of this conversation with me, Rebecca or one of AWAI’s high-level mentors – we’ll narrow down the very best possibilities and leave you with a number of options to choose from.

If you already know which niche – even better!

We’ll spend our time together talking about all the possibilities for you as a copywriter… what will be expected of you… some of the sub-niches you can explore… the companies you could be writing for… even some ways to use copywriting to generate passive income for you in your chosen niche.

It’s a very valuable call and Circle of Success members love it.

That’s because it, once and for all, eliminates “paralysis by analysis” – that helpless feeling of not being able to take action because of all the choices in front of you.

Your Personal Path

Once we’ve completed our CAP call together – it’s on to your personalized learning path.

That’s where we lay out a step-by-step educational plan especially for you – based on the niche you’ve settled on.

Of course, no one plan is like another.

We may encourage you to finish your Six-Figure Copywriting program if you haven’t already. That provides you with a solid foundation in direct-response and persuasive writing.

Then we may set you up for our online Targeted Learning Programs – the Circle of Success exclusive, advanced teaching where we drill down the five elements of the sales letter – headline, lead, body copy/proof, offer and close.

Then we’ll move you into programs more closely connected with your niche…

Find you spec assignments to work on that are connected to your niche – and have you work with a writer or a mentor who has had some experience writing what you want to write.

Of course, if you decide you want to move into Business-to-Business, your learning will take a different path, where the focus will be on persuasive writing connected to the business buyer and their unique needs.

The point is, as a Circle of Success member, everything is tailored to you.

Everyone Benefits from a Mentor

Next up: Your very ownmentors.

We’ll be talking a lot about the mentoring process February 24 — because the impact it can have on your success (and the speed with which you succeed) cannot be understated.

Every Circle of Success member has access to mentors at every stage of the learning process.

Mentors are available to help you whenever help is needed. Some have likened the Circle of Success mentor program to having a personal concierge throughout your entire educational journey… and beyond.

Wondering what step to take next? Ask your mentor.

Looking for a specific course? Your mentor will get it for you.

Need help with an aspect of the writing process? Your mentor can help you.

Want feedback on a piece of writing? Email your mentor.

Want to work with Paul Hollingshead, Sandy Franks, or someone else on a specific writing project? Your mentor can arrange it.

Want an introduction to a specific client? Ask your mentor.

Even if you want to switch niches — your mentor can help you make all the arrangements necessary for getting you a new, updated learning path and on your way.

Bottom line: your mentor is there to help, support, encourage, and guide you at every step.

Between the “CAP” call… your customized learning path… and mentors to help you every step of the way — it makes learning so much easier…

And your chances of success are so much greater.

That’s why it’s no accident that our most successful AWAI members are, indeed, Circle of Success members who have taken full advantage of all these personalized benefits.

They immediately recognized that having a team of people behind you, championing your success is so much easier than “going it alone.”

In fact, at our “Virtual Open House” February 24 you’ll hear from three AWAI writers who have used their Circle of Success memberships in very different ways to achieve their dreams of living the writer’s life.

And remember — each has agreed to reveal their #1 secret for success — a tip you can use whether you decide to join Circle of Success or not!

And remember too…

Today I touched on just three of the benefits of “Circle” membership — the “CAP” call, the customized learning path, and personalized mentoring.


February 24 (Tomorrow) at Noon Eastern…
Mark Your Calendar now!

There are many, many additional benefits of Circle of Success membership we’ll be covering in far more detail during our Virtual Open House tomorrow.

You do not want to miss it…

Especially if you’re thinking that now could be the right time in your life for Circle of Success membership.

That’s because, for you, I’ll have a very special announcement during our broadcast – something only Virtual Open House attendees will be able to take advantage of.

Have a Question for Katie?

Feel free to shoot me a private message now and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!

Ask Your Question Here…

Instructions for Accessing Wednesday’s Open House

We’ve made accessing the Virtual Open House very simple for you

  1. You’ll watch the “Virtual Open House” on your computer through Zoom. On Wednesday, February 24, shortly before the event starts at noon ET, we’ll send you an email with a direct link to the event. Just click it and follow the instructions!
  2. If you use an electronic calendar on your computer or smartphone, and you’d like to set up a calendar reminder of the event, simply click on the Calendar Widget below, select your preferred calendar, and your reminder will be set.
  3. Have a pen and pad ready to jot down any questions you have for me and my guests!
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Some of the Topics We’ll Be Covering Wednesday!

We have an exciting agenda planned, with many aspects of Circle of Success membership to cover. We’ll talk about:

  • Creating your customized learning path
  • Personal mentoring
  • Career guidance aspect of membership
  • Free and lifetime access to our entire resource library
  • “Deep Dive” learning and simulated work experiences with real clients
  • All the feedback and direction you get on your writing
  • How collaborations with “A-level” copywriters on your projects work
  • Lifetime professional support
  • The help you’ll get starting and building your freelance business
  • The lifetime of Continuing Education
  • Access to top-tier clients
  • And much more.

And don’t forget — there’s the LIVE Q&A to follow…

Plus, two exclusive special gifts we’ll only be giving to those who attend our LIVE event!

See you Wednesday at Noon ET!

To your success,
Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

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