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Wednesday, May 22nd at Noon, Eastern Time

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You’ll learn the “inner workings” of Circle of Success — how the many aspects of this remarkable program work together.

Remember, Circle of Success is the only structured, educational program in our industry that combines targeted learning, personal training, mentoring, collaborative writing, personalized feedback, and high-level access — to A-level copywriters, top tier clients, marketers, and other influencers with our industry.

And on Wednesday, you get to see how they all work together to create a learning experience like no other.

Plus, you’ll hear from three Circle of Success members who are living the dream making a great living writing copy for major clients.

They’ll tell you about their personal journeys — and share insights they gained along the way, so you can start using them to achieve your own success!

And because this Open House is live and happening in real time — you’ll be free to ask questions of Katie or any of her special guests!

So, start making a list of everything you’ve always wanted to know about Circle of Success — and bring them with you Wednesday.

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