An “Inside Peek” Into Wednesday’s “Live” Circle of Success Open House…

And the One Thing You Should Do NOW to Get the Most Out of this Event

I’m so glad you’re coming to our Open House on Wednesday.

The decision to join Circle of Success is an important one.

One that can be life-changing …

Just ask the hundreds of AWAI members (that we know of) who have made the leap – and watched their careers soar.

You’ll hear from three of them on Wednesday – each of them achieving their unique version of what the writer’s life means to them, thanks in great part to the access and the support they get through Circle of Success.

One gentleman’s writing impressed clients so much that there was a bidding war for his financial copywriting talents. And today, he earns well into the mid-six figures writing and is overseeing a team of writers for a major publishing firm …

Another young woman blossomed into an in-demand A-level copywriter very quickly as a Circle member – and used the writing and marketing skills she mastered to build her own web business that earns her six additional figures while she sleeps!

One more Circle of Success member you’ll meet transformed her life from a registered nurse with 14 years in the army into an in-demand health copywriter, working for A-level clients alongside copy legends like Parris Lampropoulos. (Plus – she’s now a mentor for Circle of Success members!)

Each will share their unique stories … tell you how they used the many benefits of membership to accelerate their success … and reveal the most crucial success secrets they learned along the way.

Now …

Because it’s such a big and important decision, we want you to have all the facts before you decide.

That’s the sole reason for Wednesday’s Open House.

Over the course of an hour or so, we’ll show you all the benefits of Circle of Success and how to put them to work for you.

  • We’ll talk about the direct-response industry and the vastness of the opportunity that awaits you …
  • We’ll explain how the initial Career Action Plan (“CAP”) call works, where we get on the phone with you … talk about your interests, your background, your goals as a writer, the kind of money you’d like to make, what your passions are, and recommend a niche in which you can begin your focus.
  • We’ll talk about how we put together a learning path tailored just for you, so you can gain the skills you’ll need to be successful in your chosen niche as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll show you how the Circle of Success-exclusive mentoring program works – and how you’ll have someone you can turn to whenever you are stuck … need encouragement … or are ready to move to the next stage of learning.
  • We’ll show you how to master all the “collateral writing projects” any client will ask you to write – projects that can improve your letters’ response and bolster your income dramatically.
  • COS’s Master Copywriter, Will Newman, will be joining us to talk about our Circle of Success-exclusive online Targeted Learning Classes, where you master the core elements of every sales message: Headline, lead, body copy, evidence and proof, offer, and “call to action.”
  • We’ll tell you more about our Simulated Training where you get to become a “de facto” writer for AWAI, work on a real letter for a real project under the direction of Sandy Franks, our Copy Chief, and learn what it’s like to work with a real-world client from start to finish.
  • We’ll explain the process for connecting to and writing alongside A-level writers and Copy Chiefs, like our own Sandy Franks and Paul Hollingshead. A great benefit of Circle of Success is that these folks are available to you when you need to collaborate on an important project for any client.
  • We’ll show you how to reserve your free spot at our FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair – and the special perks you get when you’re there.
  • We’ll talk about how we can help you with the business-building side – like getting a self-marketing plan together … creating a portfolio of polished work you can show clients … setting up your personal website … and even helping you make that all-important “first connection” with a dream client.

This is just some of what we’ll cover.

We’ll also cover a topic that’s top of mind for all aspiring copywriters – whether you become a Circle of Success member or not: What’s the next step I should take right now to advance my career?

The answer may not only surprise you – it will inspire you.

Now …

You’ll want to take notes because then it’ll be your turn.

Ask any questions you have for me or my guests as they occur to you – in real time. And we promise not to end the event until every last one of your questions has been answered.

So again – I’m thrilled you signed up.

I hope, like me, you can’t wait for Wednesday to come.

To that point, it’s very important you mark your calendar and set an alert so you don’t miss Wednesday’s Open House or inadvertently schedule something else.

If you like, we’ll send you an event invite that will automatically block off the date and time on your computer’s or smartphone’s calendar. Just click below, choose the calendar you use, and you’ll be good to go.

Add to Calendar

Until then, I have much more to share with you in the days ahead … leading up to Wednesday …

Including tomorrow, when I’ll tell you the story about how Circle of Success came to be – and the incredible woman who inspired it.

Meanwhile, be sure to check back here regularly to view all the updates.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to share a paragraph or two about what your ideal writer’s life looks like.

We may even feature yours on the live broadcast!

Until then!

Katie Yeakle