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Tuesday, January 26th — Noon ET SHARP!!

YOU Want a Lucrative Writing Career…

But with all the options… all the opportunity… all the possibilities…
It’s hard to know the best way to make it happen FAST.

Join Us and We’ll Help You Map Out a Plan…
and Answer This Critical Question for You:

“What’s My Next Best Step?”

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Thank goodness you love to write…

Because nothing has the power to transform your life so quickly and so positively than becoming a skilled copy and content WRITER.

The World NEEDS Writers…
You Want to Write… Why Wait?

This is YOUR time.

The demand for skilled writers has NEVER been greater than it is today.

Industry studies show 74% of all businesses plan to spend even more on Google, email, social media, video, and other digital platforms than they did in 2020’s record-breaking year!

And as the writer of all this copy and content — this is YOUR opportunity to make a lot of money in 2021 and beyond…

All while building a NEW life… based on YOUR terms… beholden to NOBODY!

We’re Here to Help You

Yet, with all the options and all the paths you can take…

Making a plan can be hard.

And not knowing that all-important “next step to take” is the one thing most likely to STOP you from having the success that awaits you.

That’s why it’s vital you join us Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 at Noon (Eastern Time).

We’ll help you create that all-important plan… and answer the #1 question all new writers have:

What should I do next?”

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Learn from Experts —
Ask Your Own Questions

(And we won’t sign off until we’ve answered yours!)

Outstanding experts will be here to help you…

People like AWAI Co-Founder and Executive Director Katie Yeakle, AWAI Director of Training Pam Foster, and Master Instructor and mentor to many Will Newman…

Pros who work with aspiring writers every day… and share a combined 50+ years of experience helping AWAI members launch successful writing careers.

Katie Yeakle
Will Newman
Pam Foster

Plus, you’ll hear from AWAI members who are thriving — professional copywriters who were in your shoes not long ago… and have promised to share their unique “paths to success” with you!

Keith, Rebekah, and Elias are just three of thousands of AWAI members who made the decision to become well-paid, write-from-anywhere writers — and achieved it by taking their own paths to success.

And Tuesday, you’ll learn a ton from them!

And if your situation is unique… or you’re still not sure what to do next — ask us YOUR question “live” during the event…

And we’ll answer in real time — making sure you have what you need to move your writing career forward in a major way before we sign off!

Whatever Stage You’re at Now…
We Will Help You!

So, no matter where you are right now…

Whether you’re just starting out… wondering what to write about… not sure which writing skills you need most… looking to get feedback on your writing… or looking to land your dream client…

This special all-new Virtual Open House will ensure you’re taking that all-important “Next Best Step” forward in your writing career.

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And along the way, you’ll get a rare, behind-the-scenes look at our highest level of membership — Circle of Success

Where we “partner” with our most serious and success-driven members to create a personalized learning path based on your goals as a writer…

And offer high-level access to resources, mentors, coaches, marketers, the entire AWAI senior management and educational team, as well other industry experts… throughout your entire writing career.

It’s no accident that the vast majority of AWAI’s highest earning and most accomplished writers are Circle of Success members…

Professionals who continue to reap the benefits Circle of Success’s continuing education programs and high-level industry access well into their careers…

And Tuesday, you’ll discover exactly why that is!

Join Us!

(You Won’t Be Sorry!)

Maybe you’ll decide Circle of Success is for you… maybe you won’t.

Doesn’t matter!

You’re certain to come away with a ton of career-boosting, actionable information out of Tuesday’s live event, no matter what!

Don’t miss out…

Reserve your seat now!

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