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Wednesday, October 7th — Noon ET

“Focus on Mentoring”

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Mentors can play a massive role in your development as a writer and the speed with which you achieve success.

And mentored learning is what Circle of Success is all about!

From your initial “Career Action Plan” call, where we discuss your goals as a writer and map out the best plan for success… to the mentors who will guide you… to the A-level copywriters who’ll work with you to strengthen your writing skills… and everything else we do to guide you throughout your career…

Circle of Success is the highest level of personalized learning you’ll find in our industry.

And at Wednesday’s all-new Circle of Success “Open House,” you’ll learn everything about this crucial aspect of the “Circle experience” when you join Katie Yeakle and her special guest as they:

  • Pull back the curtain on this life-changing program…
  • Explain how all aspects of mentoring and personalized learning work…
  • Show you how Circle members are “hand-held” through every step of the skill, writing, and business-building process…
  • Explain the exciting “collaboration” process where you and an “A-level” copywriter work, together, on a project you need to ace…
  • Answer all your questions LIVE…
  • And more!

This event is FREE and there’s zero obligation.

And wait until you hear about the special “surprises” we have for everyone who attends live on Wednesday!

Reserve Your Spot! (It’s Free)

Circle of Success:
A Serious Program for Serious Writers

Learning is easier and success comes faster when you have a goal, a path, and experts to guide you every step of the way.

That’s what AWAI’s Circle of Success is all about.

No longer will you “go it alone.”

Imagine a customized learning path based on your interests, your writing goals, and income objectives…

Mentors and experts you can call any time you need help or advice…

Help starting your writing business and finding ideal clients…

And when you really need to “nail” that first big assignment – “A-level” copywriters like AWAI’s Paul Hollingshead and Copy Chief Sandy Franks standing by to collaborate with you.

It’s the ultimate in hands-on learning!

Reserve Your Spot! (It’s Free)

We offer this free “Virtual Open House” so you can make a well-informed decision as to whether Circle of Success is right for you at this time.

In addition to learning how Circle of Success works, you’ll meet three real AWAI members who used their Circle membership as a powerful springboard to successful six-figure writing careers.

Each have promised to give you their “unvarnished” view of their Circle of Success experience…

Explain how Circle of Success’s mentoring and personalized approach to learning sped up and helped assure their success…

AND to leave you with the one piece of advice that will help you be more successful faster, whether you decide Circle of Success is for you or not.

Plus, Katie will be there LIVE answering your questions in REAL TIME throughout the event!

And be sure to stick around until the end to hear about the two very special gifts we’re offering all Circle of Success “Virtual Open House” attendees!

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