Virtual Open House

Tuesday, April 11 — NOON Eastern Time!

Circle of Success Explained +

Exciting ALL-NEW Benefits for 2023!

(Plus Your Questions Answered, LIVE… a SPECIAL SURPRISE… and a “YOU’LL HEAR IT FIRST” Announcement for Event ATTENDEES!)

FACT: Learning is easier… money and success come faster… when you have a goal, a path, and the full weight of AWAI’s resources, experts, coaches, and mentors guiding you every step of the way.

That’s what AWAI’s Circle of Success has always been about…

And with the exciting NEW benefits we’re adding in 2023…
your success is almost certain to come even faster!

Katie Yeakle
Pam Foster
Marcella Allison

Join AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle, Learning Chief Pam Foster, and Circle of Success Chief Mentor Marcella Allison Tuesday, April 11 at noon (Eastern) as they pull back the curtain on this life-changing program… explain how all the “moving parts” can work for you… answer your questions LIVE… and more!

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Circle of Success:
The “Secret Weapon” Behind Many of
Our Most Successful Members...

We’re offering this free virtual open house for one reason only:

So you can make a well-informed decision about whether Circle of Success is right for you at this time.

There’s nothing in our industry quite like Circle of Success.

It’s a professional-level program designed for new and working copywriters alike who want it all:

  •  LIFETIME access to AWAI’s entire skill- and business-building resource library… over 120 self-paced training programs, interactive courses, business-building guides, books, and templates — worth over $65,000 as of today… and growing constantly…
  •  Every NEW self-paced training resource we add in the future— at ZERO cost — for life…
  •  Personal mentors who will be with you from Day One — helping you lay out a plan for your writing business… connecting you with the resources you need… supporting and encouraging you at every step… answering any questions you have… and holding you accountable to the personalized success plan you will create together…
  •  Copy coaches you can bounce ideas off of anytime… submit copy to for one-on-one feedback… and reach out to when you have any questions about project planning, clients, or the writing process…
  •  Writing partners and collaborators — an entire team of top, working copywriters standing by anytime you need help with actual client work — headlines, leads, campaign strategies, big ideas, and more…
  •  An exclusive community of like-minded peers and industry experts where you can meet, exchange ideas, get added feedback, network, even connect with potential clients…. anytime…
  •  Access to AWAI’s senior team, where you’re invited to private meetings with the likes of AWAI President Rebecca Matter, Learning Chief Pam Foster, copywriter and AWAI co-founder Paul Hollingshead, Copy Chief Sandy Franks, Executive Director Katie Yeakle, advisory board members, and other industry experts…
  •  Exclusive live training and client events— where the industry’s top experts meet to discuss the latest needs and trends, and clients come to find new writers to work with…
  •  And much, much more!

Tuesday, April 11, starting at noon Eastern Time, you’ll learn how to turn all this firepower on your copywriting career — and have a plan in place that practically assures your success as an in-demand, highly paid A-level copywriter!

But that’s not all…

Meet Your New “Lead Mentor”!

Our open house is also a great opportunity to meet and hear from a woman who’s sure to have a profound impact on your professional success going forward…

None other than Marcella Allison, whom we’re thrilled to welcome as Circle of Success’ all-new chief mentor!

In addition to creating one of the largest support and mentoring communities for writers and entrepreneurs in our industry…

Circle of Success members will benefit enormously from Marcella’s nearly two decades of experience as an A-list copywriter, in-demand copy chief, and mentor.

Not only has she trained and worked with industry legends such as David Deutsch, Mark Ford, Paris Lampropoulos, Mike Ward, and others, but…

Marcella’s copy and the writers she’s mentored have generated in excess of $150 million for some of the top direct-response companies in the world — including Agora, Boardroom, Soundview, Motley Fool, Healthy Directions, Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Weiss Research, and Natural Health Sherpa, to name a few.

Plus, NOBODY is more connected within our industry than Marcella is…

Which is why, should you choose to join Circle of Success, you’ll DEFINITELY want to get to know Marcella as she walks you through your 10 weeks of LIVE onboarding and personal action plan execution…

As well as at ongoing monthly LIVE Mastermind training where Marcella invites fellow writers and marketers from her “A-List Rolodex” to exclusively teach Circle of Success members the higher-level secrets to success as a copywriter and digital marketing expert.

Meet Marcella and learn all the ways she’ll be helping you — as well as the many NEW Circle of Success benefits we’ve added for 2023 — at our free open house on Tuesday!

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And don’t forget…

Katie, Pam, and Marcella will be staying on to answer any and all of your questions LIVE… for as long as it takes!

Also, be sure to stay until the very end for a very special surprise we’ll have for all Circle of Success virtual open house attendees — PLUS a special announcement only you will hear first!

A Few of the Circle Benefits
We’ll Cover on Tuesday:

  •  The FASTEST and surest path to your first check as a writer
  •  How we help you build your customized learning path
  •  How Circle of Success’ personal mentoring and our all-new 10-week onboarding process work
  •  Benefits of lifetime career guidance
  •  Free and lifetime access to our entire resource library
  •  “Deep dive” learning and simulated work experiences with real clients
  •  A closer look at our Circle of Success members-only Mastermind series
  •  Up-to-the-minute details on our “Make Money Now” Power Summits
  • How to get feedback and direction on all your writing projects and client work
  •  Collaborations with “A-level” copywriters on your projects
  •  Lifetime professional support
  •  Help starting and building your freelance business
  •  Continuing education
  •  Access to top-tier clients
  •  And much more!

Take That Next BIG Step for Your Writing Career Now — Join Us for Our “What’s New for ’23” Circle of Success Open House!

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Some Recent “Member Raves”
About Circle of Success!

“I definitely recommend Circle of Success. I feel I have only scratched the surface of what I can get from it. I find my mentor calls with Lisa to be extremely helpful. I love being able to navigate courses whenever I need something. I find the concierge very helpful too, as well as being able to send copy for review. (I regularly use all those features.) Love the Mastermind sessions and being in touch with the larger COS community.”

Laurence Gea

Member since 2022

Circle of Success is such excellent support in everything you could think of when navigating a new writing career.”

Alison Bell Ashley

Member since 2015

“Yes, Circle of Success is a great value for your investment. A tribe of copywriters to help you in any way you need.”

Diane Sweeney

Downington, PA
Member since 2015

“Without hesitation I would recommend Circle of Success! It wasn’t cheap, but I have never regretted the decision. I call it the gift that keeps on giving! The benefits just keep on coming! I am just glad that I joined when I did.”

Karen Briggs

Landover, MD
Member since 2005

“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Circle of Success… First, just being a member makes me take my writing career more seriously. But the real benefit is all the access to information, training, and (best of all) people — including mentors, contributors, and fellow members! That is invaluable. AWAI has done an excellent job of continuing to build this program to add more and more value… truly awesome. I feel so lucky to be a part of COS.”

Mark Coressel

Pleasantville, OH
Member since 2014

“I am grateful to be part of this community and all Circle of Success offers.”

Graysen Blackwell

Member since 2018

“I’m so excited!!! While sitting in the COS Live today, a new coaching client signed up and paid me.”

Yvette Ward

Member since 2020

“Got paid for my first gig! Feels so good. Onward and upward, folks!”

Erica Krueger Groneman

Highland, UT
Member since 2022

“Wow, did y’all love the COS Mastermind with Rachel Mazza and Marcella Allison as much as I did? I learned so much and am excited to build on the momentum from the call!”

Sharon Newsom

Santa Barbara, CA
Member since 2022

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See You Tuesday!