Virtual Open House

Friday, November 10 — NOON Eastern Time!

Circle of Success Explained

(Plus Your Questions Answered, LIVE…

FACT: Learning is easier… money and success come faster… when you have a goal, a path, and the full weight of AWAI’s resources, experts, coaches, and mentors guiding you every step of the way.

That’s what AWAI’s Circle of Success has always been about…

And with the exciting NEW benefits we’ve added this year alone…
your success is almost certain to come even faster!

Katie Yeakle

Join AWAI Executive Director Katie Yeakle and her very special guests Friday, November 10, at noon (Eastern) as they pull back the curtain on this life-changing program… explain how all the “moving parts” can work for you… answer your questions LIVE… and more!

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Some of the Circle Benefits We’ll Explain:

  •  The FASTEST and surest path to your first check as a writer
  •  How we help you build your customized learning path
  •  How personal mentoring works
  •  Lifetime career guidance
  •  Free and lifetime access to our entire resource library
  •  “Deep Dive” learning, Masterminds and Success Summits
  •  Free feedback and direction on all your writing projects and client work
  •  Collaborations with “A-level” copywriters on your projects
  •  Lifetime professional support
  •  Help starting and building your freelance business
  •  Continuing education
  •  And much more

A Serious Program for Serious Writers

We’re offering this free virtual open house for one reason only:

So you can make a well-informed decision about whether Circle of Success is right for you at this time.

In addition to learning how Circle of Success works, you’ll meet real AWAI members from varying backgrounds who’ve used their Circle membership as a powerful springboard to successful writing careers.

Each has promised to give you their “unvarnished” view of their Circle of Success experience…

AND to leave you with the one piece of advice that will help you be more successful faster, whether you decide Circle of Success is for you or not.

Last but not least, Katie and EVERYONE at the virtual open house will be staying on to answer any and all of your questions LIVE… for as long as it takes!

By signing up today, you’ll be registered to attend, free of charge — with no obligation. 

And be sure to stick around until the end for a very special surprise we have for all Circle of Success virtual open house attendees!

In short, there’s no better way to spend an hour with Katie and her special guests on Friday.

With the knowledge you’ll gain, the insights you’ll glean, and the best practices you’ll learn from our star writers – it’s all assured to make you a better and more productive writer…

Whether you choose to join Circle of Success at this time or not!

Take That Next BIG Step for Your Writing Career Now — Join Us for Our Circle of Success Open House!

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